GTA 6 RELEASE DATE ? When Grand Theft Auto 6 Will Release ?

GTA 6 Release Date

Hello guys, Many people play games through their PC or Mobile and gaming became a important part of their daily life. People play games on regular basis and enjoy very much because gaming reduce stress level and helps them to improve their focus quality.

In this blog I am gonna tell you about when gta 6 will launch because many of you guys wants to know about this question. So If you want to know about release date of gta 6 then read this blog completely

GRAND THEFT AUTO is a open world action game. GTA series is the most famous game of rockstar games production and GTA 5 and GTA san andreas  are the most liked video games of GTA series. GTA 5 is even more popular today and this game have been collecting million of dollar even today. People are so crazy for GTA games and it has proved by  that GTA 5 crossed $1 billion after its 3rd day of release. Due to more popularity of GTA series games people demand for releasing GTA 6 soon. Rockstar games also announced that GTA 6 was going to be launch on last months of 2018 but due to huge popularity, rockstar team wants to develop & modify this GTA series to the extreme level So they changed it's release date.

According to sources there will be female protagonist in GTA VI. We know famous characters of gta series like Tommy vercetti, Cj, Michael, Trevor, Franklin etc but in gta 6 there will be also a female protagonist in gameplay.

Leslie Benzies tell in a interview that people have more expectation from GTA 6 so thats why they work more on game graphics,trying to better mission and there will wide open world in GTA 6 thats player can go anywhere or cities they want. Due to Modification work GTA 6 may take time and will might be release in 2022.

But people want to play GTA 6 soon. So they try to release this game soon as much as possible.

This game first launch for Xbox and PlayStation and then for PC after couples of months from it release.

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