How to Make Money from Fiverr ? Create Gigs & Earn $1000 Monthly from Fiverr

Today's many people want to make huge money by sitting their home. They don't want to go any offices or companies to earn money and want to self dependent. Online earning is a real source from which people can earn lots of money.

What is Fiverr ?

Fiverr is a online earning platform where you can generate huge revenue as a freelancer. In fiverr you have to sell your services to the people in order to earn some money. Many people in the countries like USA , Canada, etc who have some work that they don't know how to do it then they visit in fiverr website and make their work complete by giving minimum $5 to a freelancer on it. Fiver is a place where people visit to sell or receive services.Fiverr is the most popular freelancer website and many people use this platform to generate extra money.

Ex- Suppose a person want to make his company logo and he has not any idea about how to make a professional logo then he will visit in Fiverr website where numbers of freelancers already available who can make a logo for that person and then for completing this job this person give minimum $5 to that freelancer. If you want to earn money then you have to work as a freelancer in fiverr.

How to create fiverr account?

  • First click here to visit Fiverr website.
  • Then click on join button which is at the top right corner.
  • There will be a option become a seller click on it.
  • Further you have to put gmail account and provide a unique username and a strong password and click on join.
  • After click on join button you have to activate your fiverr account. For activation go to your gmail account where Fiverr already sent you a mail, open it and click on activate.
  • Thats it and your account will be created. After creating your account please give your profile details accurately.

What is Gig?

In Fiverr, Gig is like a service profile which you can provide to the people. Example- suppose you know how to convert PDF file into word then you have to make a profile in which you write that you can convert pdf file into word & how much time and money you take to make it, etc. Making a gigs in Fiverr is very important because by seeing it, people will know about your skills and attract towards your work to fulfill their need.

How to create Gig in Fiverr?

Step 1: First go to your fiverr homepage and click on selling then their will be a 'Gigs' option tap on it.
Step 2: Then click on create new Gig.
Step 3: After that give your gig a title and select its category.
Step 4: You should also give relevant meta tags through which your skill profile will appear to others.
Step 5: Set your Gig price i.e. how much you will charge for your work completion.
Step 6: write your Gig description.
Step 7: Enter your requirement for work completion.
Step 8: Add a attractive thumbnail or video to your Gig.
Step 9: And finally publish your Gig.

How much I earn from fiverr?

There is no limit in fiverr for earning. You can charge minimum $5 for each services and much more according to the work.

How can i withdraw my money?

You can withdraw your money into your PayPal account etc.

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