How to Make Money on YouTube? Best Online Earning Platform to Make Money at Home

YouTube is social networking site through which you can watch various types of videos like education, technology, comedy etc. Today YouTube is not just for entertainment but it is also give you some ways to make money online. There are many creators who upload their content on youtube and generate huge amount of money through Google AdSense.

How to Make Money On YouTube Through Google AdSense 

                  YouTube is not directly give any money to the creators for getting views, Google AdSense is a company which provide money to the creators for showing their Advertisement on creator’s videos. EX- Suppose a creator upload a videos on YouTube and he/she getting views on it then Google AdSense will show the Ads on that videos then creator earn money from it.
REMEMBER: YouTube earning depends on how much Advertisements show on your videos. If a creator get more views on theirs videos then there will be more advertisements he/she get and generate huge money
  How to create youtube Channel

Step 1: First Go to your browser and type ‘YouTube’ and then open its official page.
Step 2: There will be a sign in option at the right top corner, click on it. Then Enter your Gmail id and password and after that you logged in youtube
Step 3: Here you find a user logo at right top corner, tap on it. After that you will see ‘creator studio’ option then click on it.
Step 4: then a new page open automatic and there is a option to ‘create a channel’, click on it.
Step 5: After that a page will open where you have to type your channel name and then click on create channel. That’s it your channel will be create successfully.

When you getting start earning through youtube

After creating your youtube channel you do not start earning instantly because youtube has some terms & conditions. First you have to apply for youtube partner program after approval, youtube team you will get Google Adsense Ads on your videos.
For becoming part of YouTube partner program you have to complete 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours watchtime in the previous 12 months.

How to Apply for YouTube Partner Program 

  • Open your YouTube channel then go to your dashboard.
  • Here you find ‘channel’ option on the left side, click on it. Then look for Monetization option below which an ‘Enable’ option available, tap on it.
  • After that you have to click on start to accept term & conditions on youtube then signup for AdSense by clicking on start button and give your details accordingly.
  • Then you have to set monetization preference that means which types of Ads you want to set on your youtube videos.
I suggest you to tick on all the options and click on save button. Finally when you complete your 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours watchtime then youtube team will review your channel and if your channel will pass the review then youtube team enable your monetization then you will earn money from youtube through Google adsense.

Extra benefits and Features on Youtube

  • Youtube is a platform which can make creators very popular. You can also start your own business by making your brand popular among people through youtube.
  • Here you get live streaming & add stories features like Instagram through which you can interact more with your audience(Subscribers)
  • After completing 100k subscribers, you will get real time service from youtube team that means if you have any problems and queries regarding youtube then you get help from youtube customer service.

Extra earning sources from youtube

You can also earn lots of money through Superchat and paid membership on youtube.
SUPERCHAT: Superchat is a option which is available for creator for making lots of money. On the time of live streaming subscribers donate some money to its creators. When you have above 1000 subscribers & monetization ON then you are eligible for superchat.

PAID MEMBERSHIP: Paid Membership is special feature of earning for creators in which their subcribers can become members by click on Join button. You can monthly get some amount from your audience. Creator’s audience give them monthly some money so in return creator should make videos as per audience demand and also give special treatment. You can eligible for paid membership when creator have more than 30000 subscribers and be the part of YouTube partner program.

Things you should avoid on youtube 

  • You should not copy of any other creator’s content otherwise you may get copyright strike on that copied videos. If you get 3 copyright strike within a month than your youtube channel will be permanently deleted.
  • Don’t use any downloaded images from google. If you want to use images in your videos then download it from free copyrighted websites.
  • Don’t use any extreme slang language or pornography content in your videos.
  • Don’t mislead your subscribers because if you lost your audience trust then you are not able to earn more money in future. So, only try to give genuine content. 

:- Today people want to make money from home and want to self depend. So YouTube is the best option to earn fame along with money. But remember today, there is very high competition in youtube. For achieve success in youtube you have to work hard and make genuine content and should have some patience on this platform.

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