How to Stop Facebook Notifications in your Email Account?

Hello guys, all of you here because you are also facing the same problem of getting constantly notification from Facebook in your Email account. You do not want any fb notification in your personal email but it always send notifications which is very irritating for us. There are several of fb notifications stores in your email account from among you getting hard to find your important mail or I am sure sometimes you could not receive your important mail due to already fill up of unwanted fb notifications.

 But Don’t worry guys after reading this blog all of your problem will be solved because in this blog i tell you about how you can stop or block fb notifications in your email account.
 How to Stop or Block Facebook notifications into email account
  • First Go & login to your Facebook account.
  • Click on settings
  • Then click on notification settings, you will see ‘Email’ option tap on it.
  • There will be three options shown in front of your screen. For blocking the fb notifications in your email id you have to select third option i.e. ‘Only notifications about your account, security and privacy’.’
  • That’s it then you will be successfully stop your fb notifications in your Email account i.e. Gmail, Yahoo etc.

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  1. This article really helped. For a long time I could not find the right solution to this issue. Now everything has become easy and understandable. He executed all the actions and everything worked out. Thank.


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