How to Make Money from Reselling Business ( meesho, Wooplr, Glowroad etc)

Hello friends if you want to earn money online from reselling business in india then you should have some popular reselling business app in your smartphone through which you can make huge revenue at home easily.

What is reselling Business ? How to earn money from reselling

Meesho, Glowroad, Wooplr, Shop 101 etc are online reseller platform where you can create your own store at free of cost. Reselling Business is good for those people who want to earn money from home. Actually Meesho, Glowroad are online store where people daily visits and buy many products related to fashion and accessories etc. So, you can make some good money by selling product online by yourself. You have just to create reseller account in these reselling platform and share the product to social networking sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc, If anyone interested in that product they will contact you and give you the order for that product then you just only have to place order to that person address. When the person get his/her product then your price money added to your account. The most interesting thing about these reselling platform is that you can set your price margin as much you want but you should not sell the product much more high price because any person find that price is much high regarding to that product quality then he/she will not buy your product.

EX- If you listed a casual shoe in your store whose price is given 418 then you should set the price for customer 599. When any person buy your product then he will pay 599 after that, these reselling platforms cut its price 418 from it and send the remaining amount to your reselling account which you can withdraw in your Bank account or Paytm.

How to create account in Meesho ?

  • Go to Google playstore in your mobile and install Meesho App
  • Then open Meesho there you see ‘signup for free’ option, just click on it
  • Then you have to put your mobile number and click below on Next, after that you will get a OTP number. Here just below you see an option ‘I didn’t get a code’ so just click on it and enter ‘DEWhvBy543’ and then finally click on continue
  • There you have to select language which you want to prefer to use Meesho
  • Then a tutorial video available for you to guide how to use meesho app. You can watch it or skip
That’s it your Meesho account is ready
Note: Same above process applied for creating account in Glowroad (referral code- KIOM3TI552V), Shop 101

How to sell product through Meesho, Glowroad & Shop 101

This is very simple to selling product through Meesho, Glowroad & Shop 101. You have just select the product which you want to sell and share it to your friends on Fb, Instagram or anywhere by just click on ‘Share’ option below that product.

How to withraw money from Meesho, Glowroad, & Shop 101

There is a Bank details option in these reselling Apps where you have to fill it up to proceed transaction in your bank account. Meesho, Glowroad & Shop 101 make every payment in specific period of time.

How to create reseller account in Wooplr
  • Go to Wooplr Official website for creating reseller account.
  • Here you see 'START MY BUSINESS' option at right top corner of this page.
  • Here you have to put your Name, Email, Password and click on submit or either you can also easily sign in with Facebook or Google+
  • Here you see a welcome to wooplr page here you have to enter your name, phone number and your store name and click on continue

How and where to withdraw money from Wooplr

You can withdraw money directly to your bank account or Paytm when you reach the threshold of Rs 100. First go to your wooplr reseller dashboard where on upper part you find ‘Earning' tab click on it then after there will be two option for withdrawal first one is for Bank account and 2nd one for Paytm you can withdraw between any of them by giving your details.

How to sell product through wooplr

Select any product which is high in demand then click on that product after that there will see options of photo DOWNLOAD, SHARE then click on share button and then share it on your social networking sites
You can also add products into your store by click on ADD PRODUCT option on wooplr dashboard.
You can also see your earning by click on EARNING option.

Help & Support
    If you get any problem regarding your sells i.e. Late delivery issue, Customer get other product instead of real one etc then you can contact with customer service to resolve this issues which is provided by Meesho, Wooplr, Glowroad, Shop 101


    Reselling Business is the most trending online business which growing fast in India rapidly. So, if you want to generate huge money by sitting your home and make yourself independent then you should start it from today.

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