How to Make Money on YouTube Without Google AdSense | 10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Hello guys, if you are a YouTuber then for generating money from your videos you have to first enable monetization on your channel by applying on YouTube partner program. Many YouTube channel has not been monetize yet for legal reasons but in this blog I am going to tell you about 10 methods after which you don’t have to depend upon only on Google AdSense and if you want to know how to earn money from YouTube without Google adsense acount then read this blog completely because after that you gonna earn huge money.

10 Ways to Make Money On YouTube
  • Make Money From Sponsorship:- Todays sponsorship is a way from which YouTubers make more money than Google AdSense. Many company manufactures product and after that they want to promote their products so they give money to YouTubers for their product promotion. Many companies or brands approach big YouTubers itself whose having large number of subscribers otherwise you have to apply on some websites like Famebit etc to get sponsorship if you have some enough subscribers or views on your YouTube channel. Brands give money for their product promotion according to channel growth, If your videos get high views and subscribers then company give you more money and if you have average subscribers then you paid less according to big YouTubers. New YouTubers facing problem of getting sponsorship because many brands not give any sponsorship to those YouTubers who have less than 5000 subscribers and their videos getting low views. So work hard and achieve genuine 5000 subscribers to get sponsorship then you can generate huge money through sponsorship. 

  •       Make Money Selling Merchandise:- When you become brand on YouTube then you can sell many products like T-shirts,watches etc to your subscribers with your printed name on it. Your subscribers are like your fans if they trust on you then you can easily earn huge money from them by selling your branding products. Merchandise is also a good source of income on YouTube. If You work on YouTube then think yourself as a brand. People have subscribed you because they like your content and as I said before that your subscribers are like your fans and they want to interact with you so they purchase your branding products because you provide them valuable content.

  •        Live Stream Chat:- Live stream is a simple way to earn by live chatting with your audience. There is option given to the subscribers that they can donate you some money between the chat. As a good YouTubers you should do live stream on your YouTube channel on a regular basis because how much you interact with your audience that much you get more engagement in return from them. People who watch your videos daily they donate money to show their affection towards you but it is not compulsory that anyone can get money on live chat easily because people donate money to whom those who create impact on them by creating valuable content.
  • Join button Feature:- Join button is a feature in which your subscribers can become your close members. So to become your member they have to click on join button which is given aside of subscribe button and after that monthly some amount you get from them. But you have to give some special treatment to your members i.e you have to make videos per month as your members demand etc.Your subscribers give money per month to you, they do this because in return you must specially give them some valuable content. All creator not get Join button feature initially they have to fulfil the eligibility criteria to get this feature. After getting some loyal members you will get huge money on monthly basis . 
  • Affiliate Marketing:- Affiliate marketing is one of the best earning source which have potential to make you millionaire. Most of YouTubers have primary source of income is affiliate marketing. They earn 5 times more than Google adsense from affiliate program. You can also join affiliate program on Amazon, Flipkart etc after joining you have to share product link in your video description. If anyone buy product through your links then you will earn money as a commission from Amazon or Flipkart etc.
  •           Earn Money Through Link Shortener:- Many website pays for link sharing which contains some advertisement. If you want to share any link to your subscribers then you should go to these link shortener website and short your link there and share it with them in your description.

  •           Sell your course online:- If you have any advance skill which you don’t want to give someone free then you can sell it as a ebook. You can sell it on online platform like Instamojo from where you can generate ebook link and share it in your YouTube description if your subscribers have trust on you then he surely purchase your ebook. So, Try to give valuable content in your course because people buy it from you at some amount if they don’t like it then they will not purchase your any course book in future. Sell your course book according to its value.

  •           Pay per download:-Some websites pay users to get install on a particular App which they already listed on their website. You have to only register on that website and promote their sponsor App. Try to get maximum downloads from your subscribers because your earning depends upon how many downloads you will get. 
  •          Promote Business Online:- YouTube is a great platform to promote your business on initial level. You can’t imagine how potential YouTube has, because many entrepreneur start their business through their YouTube channel and they grow and run their business successfully.

  • Social media marketing:- You can redirect your YouTube Subscribers to your other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc where you can also earn money as a influencer. Social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook are also best platform  for brand promotion. So that's why you should redirect your audience to other social media to increase your follower as like YouTube.

There are several things from which you can generate huge money through your YouTube Channel. So don’t worry if your YouTube Channel has not been monetized yet. So Stop thinking about Google adsense and lets make huge money without Investment from all above methods.

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