How to Earn Money from Tiktok | 5 Ways to Make Money Online from Tiktok

Hello guys, As you know there is a new social media App i.e TikTok has been becoming very popular day by day among the people. It's craze is spreading all over the world and it is one of the most fastest growing social media App.Many people get popular from Tiktok & also earn huge money through it.So in this blog I gonna tell you about 5 methods from which you can earn money through tiktok.

1) Earn through challenges: As you know there is lots of  challenges coming in tiktok to make videos on it.If you want to make some money then create a video on this challenge and then upload, if you lucky then you can earn money or you can earn another way by sharing this challenges video to minimum 3 of your friends and that's like above contest if you win then you get money as a reward from tiktok.So there is two option that you either upload challenges video or share challenges videos and there is more chances that you win money prizes.Your earning depends upon your ranking. Top rank achievers get huge money prize.

2) Stickers: If you are a popular creator then Go live maximum times because your fan send you there some stickers for showing their love & affection towards you. These stickers not like that emoji because for sending you these stickers your fans have to buy them. These stickers have some value in coins (1 coin=1 Rupee Approx.). When your fans send these stickers after buying that then you get that sticker price money from tiktok. Many big tiktokers earn huge from these stickers that they received from their fans by just going live on Tiktok. These price will go to your Tiktok wallet after which you transfer that money into your bank account.

3) Sponsorship: Sponsorship is a best way to earn huge money on Tiktok. Many companies want to advertise their product or application through online. So they contact content creators like Tiktokers,Youtubers etc whose have numbers of fans & followers. They give you money to advertise because they get more their product reach to the audience through your popularity on Tiktok. You can charge high amount according to your Tiktok popularity if you have more likes & followers on Tiktok then you get more money from advertisers.Make money from sponsorship on tiktok is one of the best idea which you should do.

4) Gifts from Tiktok: When you achieve success on Tiktok then you will get some gift from Tiktok team. Tiktok team send these gift items to their creators for their hardwork and dedication by which Tiktok get popular and spread all over the country.

5) Provide UPI Link for donation: Whenever you will make videos on Tiktok just give your paytm or any UPI number in your description. So your followers can donate you some amount as much they want. Your followers likes you very much that's why they follow you on Tiktok and get entertain from your videos so many of them donate you money to show their support for you and your videos.

Tiktok is getting more popular day by day as like YouTube,Facebook. So don't underestimate it. Tiktok has millions of active users and you have opportunity to build your career or get success through Tiktok. So let's start to make money online with the help of most popular social media app i.e Tiktok.

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