How To Make Money From Instagram ? 5 Best Ways to Make Money Online from Instagram

Instagram is a very popular social networking App and people use it for sharing their photos instantly with their followers. Instagram is useful to connect people easily with each other. From last six years Instagram growing very quickly and becomes more popular social networking like Facebook,Twitter, Snapchat etc.
Instagram has 700+ Millions users and 250 Millions of user has active on it daily. Instagram not only a platform where people can share their photos or videos but also they can make huge money from it. People daily active on the Instagram but more of them dont know that they can earn passive income from this social networking App. Many people has been earning huge money daily on Instagram as well as other social networking site.

Have you notice when you see a video on YouTube then many of creators in the end tell you to follow them on Instagram because they also want to grow their followers on Instagram so they can earn through it as like other social networking platforms. So in this blog I gonna tell you about how to earn money from Instagram through Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, Selling Photos and IGTV etc.

5 Best Ways to Earn Money from Instagram

Sponsorship: Sponsorship is a most profitable thing which you can do on your Instagram account to make huge money on it. Many celebrities like Christiano Ronaldo, Virat Kohli take million dollars to promote brands on their Instagram account. They earn more than sports by doing only sponsorship on Instagram. When you will reach above 10K followers then you will also get sponsorship. So try to increase real followers because maximum followers means maximum earning you can generate.

Affiliate Marketing: When you will have 10K followers on Instagram then you will get swipe up option in your story feature where you can give your affiliate link. If anyone purchase a product through your given link then you will get commission from that affiliate company. There are lot of affiliate companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Click bank which you can join and start make money online.

IGTV: IGTV is a feature of instagram or you can say a video sharing platform where you can upload your video content. Presently Instagram not having monetization option for IGTV videos but in future they may introduce this, after that you can also earn money by uploading videos like YouTube.

Sell photos: Instagram is popular for sharing photos with the audience but it will also be a best place for selling photos. If you are interested in photography then you can upload your pics on Instagram because many people wants unique pictures so if they like your clicked pics then they will buy it.

Promotion: Today people do their business promotion through instagram & run their business online successfully. Business on Instagram is very easy to grow and manage it. So many people joining this platform to expand their business. You can also promote others account who have less number of follower on Instagram and charge some amount for it accordingly and easily earn money from home.

Instagram is a social networking platform where people can earn passive income along with photo sharing on it. People can only earn money on instagram when they have many followers.So start getting followers because without followers you cannot earn any money. Traffic is a main source on Instagram to make real money on it, without traffic or followers no company will contact you for sponsorship. Affiliate marketing or others sources of income all are requires traffic to reach their products to them.

Here I show some best methods from which you can make money online without investment. So guys if you have any queries regarding earning on instagram then put your queries in the below comment box so i will try to answer it fast as possible.

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