8 Powerful Tips to Grow on YouTube in India | Right Method to increase Views & Subscribers on YouTube

Hello guys, all of you who reading this blog are here for learn about how to grow your YouTube channel or how to increase views & subscribers on YouTube. So this is most popular question which people search daily on internet but as a good youtuber you should focus on your content more instead of searching this tricks.

Today, YouTube is the most popular social media App through which people can grow their business or getting famous across the world. But problem is that people don't want to work hard, they try to get success in shortcut way. But my friend become a successful youtuber is not that easy as you think. It's true that online work is easy as compared to offline but it is not so much easy. If you want to get success on YouTube then you should do proper work on your YouTube channel.

8 Tips to grow views & subscribers on YouTube

In this blog I am gonna tell you about some activity which you should do on your YouTube channel.

1) Upload Videos Regularly: If you want to increase views & subscribers on YouTube then  primarily you should make videos on regular basis. If you do so then their might be chance of getting one of your video viral from among all. Continuos making video is must for your YouTube channel because if you upload videos regularly then YouTube give priority to your channel and start promote your videos suggestion to others who have recently visit your channel without subscribe. This is important to make continuos videos otherwise your YouTube videos reach will low day by day and you won't be grow. So try to upload minimum 1 video daily on your YouTube channel.

2) Make videos on same category: You should make videos on one category that means if you make videos on technology then you should continue this. Many YouTubers upload different categories videos like comedy, tech, cooking on same YouTube channel which is actually bad for your channel because people who subscribed your YouTube channel by seen your tech video will not like to see videos on other categories you will upload. If you upload same category video then more people interact with your channel. If you upload three different categories videos then you get three different category's subscribers. Suppose if you upload cooking videos then tech & comedy subscriber may not see that video, if you upload comedy video then tech & cooking subscribers will not watch that video, like that if you upload tech videos then comedy & tech subscribers will not see that video. 

People mainly don't like to watch that channel which haven't any particular topic to make videos, they may unsubscribe your YouTube channel also. So try to make videos on one niche or category because it is beneficial to your YouTube channel and this build people's trust on you and they think you are expert in that category so they will interact more & more. Try to be master on one instead of little knowledge of many topics.

3) Right time to ping: Whenever you make videos please don't tell your viewers to subscribe at first because most of viewers may be frustrate that time.You should tell viewers to subscribe between the videos because by that time viewers would have liked your video, then on your request they will subscribe to your channel. You may have a question arise in your mind that you could tell your viewers to subscribe at last of videos but my friend most of the people usually don't watch videos completely, so in this situation, if you ask to subscribe in the end, then there will be less possibility in your subscribers growth.

4) Make quality content: No matter how much you take time to make your video but if your video & audio quality is not good then viewers will not watch your video completely. According to YouTube algorithm when a person watch your video long time then YouTube suggest that video to many people who search upon that topic. I request you to make genuine video because once your subscribers trust gone from you after that your YouTube career may end. So give only right and quality content having nice editing & audio quality which increase audience retention of your channel.

5) Make videos on trending topics: One of the easiest way to get huge traffic to your videos is to make videos on trending topic. When a news get viral then millions of people search it on YouTube to know about it. Try to upload trending video as fast as possible. News channels get million of traffic as compare to other categories channel. I am not saying you must only have to make news channel but if your channel on other category then you should make upon trending things related to your niche. Example- if you have tech channel then you can make videos on upcoming technology or new updates of smartphones, software etc.

6) Thumbnail : Friend's, 50% of viewers come to watch your videos after showing your thumbnail. If your thumbnail is good then you will sure get number of views on your videos. I suggest you to give more time to create a good thumbnail for your video because thumbnail plays a crucial role for getting more views on your YouTube. No Matter how much you make good quality content videos, if your thumbnail is not enough attractive to make people click on your video then you won't get success on YouTube. To get success on YouTube, 2-3 of your videos must have to get viral otherwise you always have to struggle on YouTube. Most of YouTubers do not focus on thumbnail beacause of that they are not getting views and subscribers on YouTube.

7) Use Video description: Video description is also useful for getting extra views. Many people click to read your video description so here you can add your other YouTube videos link if anyone wants to watch that video they will sure click on your given link. If you created a online earning video then on its description give your others online earning videos link so interested viewers can watch it also. 

8) Share videos on social media: On starting stage your YouTube channel undiscoverable to everyone. So you should start sharing your videos on social media. You can join fb groups related to your niche and start posting videos on it. If people finds your content useful then they will subscribe your channel and watch your videos on regular basis.

Guys if you are getting more views then your subscribers automatically increase day by day. So try to make videos on that topics which have demands. If you follow my tips then both your views & subscribers will be start increasing. You should work on YouTube like your job and keep hard work + smart work then nothing can stop you to become successful on YouTube.


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