How to Make Money from Memes? 5 Ways to Make Money Online through Meme Page-(Grow Online Business)

Hello guys, Everyday number of people sharing memes on social media and interact with it.Now a days people on social media scroll their news feed to read memes. They follow many meme pages which providing good humour and jokes content. So here we can say daily memes reading is also a part of people on social media.

In India there are lots of memes creators active on social media like Rvcj, laughing colours, hanslobeta etc. They continuously providing memes on daily basis on their meme page to entertain people but have you ever wondered how much they would have earned from it. So let's talk about how much rvcj earning from meme page?. According to some reports, Apart from meme pages rvcj have their own website which getting millions of traffic per month and they also available on all social media sites like facebook, YouTube, Instagram where they do sponsorship and get paid. They also invovle in many startup businesses and grow their brand value day by day.
If you have a meme page then you can also earn money through your page but to make money from pages you must having enough followers. More followers means you can generate more money.

How to Make Money from memes page?

1) Meme page Monetization  If you have meme page on fb then you can monetize your page. Facebook launched its partner program, after getting approval you can start earning from your page. For getting approval, you must have 10000 followers and 30000 minutes watch time on any video of your page. When you get approved then FB will start showing Ads on your meme videos. Like YouTube monetization you can also make money on Facebook through your meme page.

2)Account Promotion: If you have a good followers on meme page then you can make money by promoting other meme pages which having low followers. Now a days Instagram is the most popular social media site having 800+ million active users. Among all, many new users want to increase  their followers so they contact meme page admin to promote their account. Here you can charge some amount to that user to promote his/her account. This is very common earning method on Instagram. People want to become famous quickly so they spent a lot of money to grow their account fast with the help of promotion. Meme page reach is more as compared to other. So that's why people prefer meme account to do their promotion on Instagram.So I am sure here you know that how to make money with memes on Instagram.

3) Product selling on Story tab: Story feature is more engaging feature on social media like FB, Snapchat, Instagram etc. People like to see stories more as compare to normal post. Usually meme accounts get more views on their story tab because people love to check it. Here in your story you can give affiliate link or mobile number with attractive pic of any product like watch, earphones. If anyone having interest to purchase your given product, will contact you or click on your affiliate link to buy that product.

4) Sponsorship: when your meme page grow and have more followers then you will get sponsorship from many companies. In sponsorship many companies finds FB pages or other social media account which having good followers and ask them to promote their product and in return for promoting that page admin will charge some amount. Admin or page owner can do promotion by posting their product's photo or by making 10-30 sec video about their product in their meme page.

5) Grow your own business: If you will get enough followers on your meme page then you can promote your own business from it. You can start any online business and  with your meme page you can grow it. You can also redirect your meme page followers to any other social media accounts so there also you can gain followers and start make money on that platform.

For meme earning you have to regular on social media and specially must having a good humour to make memes. So thereby you can gain followers and start make money from memes.

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