How to start a YouTube Gaming Channel (2021) Step-by-step? Make Money Fast on YouTube gaming in India

Hello guys, Nowadays, everyone is crazy about playing video games, whether they are children or old and because of this, gaming industry is growing fast all over the world.


People are using social media a lot these days and the most popular among these social media apps is YouTube, a video content platform where more than 2.5 billion people are active every month.


Although there is a lot of content on YouTube such as comedy, technology etc. But along with all these, the gaming category is also becoming very popular.


Earlier gaming used to be quite popular in foreign countries, but after the introduction of Player Unknown's Battleground i.e. PUBG, the gaming industry has grown very fast in India and many other countries, which many people are taking advantage of by creating YouTube content.


On YouTube, you must have heard the names of best gaming channel names like Total Gaming, Techno Gamerz, Dynamo Gaming and Mortal etc., these are all top gaming YouTubers in India who knows how to earn money by playing games on their YouTube channel.

Total Gaming is a YouTube channel who has the most subscribers on YouTube Gaming in India. Total gaming monthly income from YouTube in India rupees is around 40 lakhs+


So, If you also want to know how to make money on YouTube, then first of all it is important that you have your own YouTube channel and so today in this blog we will know step-by-step How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel for Free on YouTube and will also know how to earn money online from YouTube like other gaming creators.


How to Start a Gaming Channel on YouTube


·         Creating a gaming YouTube channel is quite simple, for this you have to go first in your chrome browser. After going to Chrome, search ‘YouTube’ by typing in google.


·         After that, a page will open in front of you, where the link of YouTube website will be given at the top, you have to click there. As soon as you click on it, YouTube's website will open in front of you.


·         Then you have to first sign-in with your g-mail id, as soon as, you are signed-in, then you will see the option of profile on the top right corner which you have to click on.


·         After clicking, there you will find some options out of which you will have to click on 'create channel'. Then after you will see the banner of Get Started, on which you have to click, then a mini pop-up box will appear just tap on custom. Then after you are able to customize your channel according to yourself.    


·         After giving the channel name, click on 'Create' below, that’s it and your YouTube channel will be successfully created.      



But friends, a question will come in your mind that if all channels are made the same process, then how do we know whether our channel is in the gaming category or not?

So we tell you how to bring your channel into the gaming category?


As soon as your YouTube channel is created, Go to youtube studio, just below which you will see the settings icon, just click on it.

After which many options will come, you have to click on upload defaults, then in the next you will get the Category Tab, in that you have to select gaming and click on save below, then keep uploading gaming videos on your channel.


Friends, not only that, you will also have to do more work on your channel like you have to verify your phone number on your YouTube channel, and also to make your YouTube channel attractive, you need to put a good profile picture and channel art so that your YouTube channel look professional.



Friends, YouTube has become very popular in recent times, people are here making money with fame. If you want how to make career in gaming then this would also be a good option. So let's know how to earn money from YouTube so that every month it will become a means of earning from your home.


Google AdSense:  When 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time is completed on your YouTube channel then you can monetize your YouTube videos after joining YPP i.e. YouTube Partner Program. This means that when you eligible for YouTube gaming monetization, then Google will put Ads on your YouTube videos, after which you will start making money from YouTube AdSense.


Friends, all the money you earn from YouTube goes to your Google AdSense account. Google AdSense is a kind of digital bank account where you get the income from your youtube, which you can withdraw later in your personal bank. YouTube transfers your money to your bank account on the 21st of every month. I hope you now know what is Google AdSense and how to make money with Google AdSense.

Now let us talk about how much do you make per 1000 views on YouTube? Friends, your YouTube earnings depends on, which category your channel is related to, if your channel is related to technology, then you will earn about 1 dollar on 5000 views, while YouTube money per view on the comedy channel is very less. It means YouTube income per 1000 views depends according to your channel category.


SuperChat has become a very popular way of make money from YouTube and most gamers are taking advantage of this feature. You must have seen that the big Gaming YouTubers do live streaming on their channel, in that live streaming, they play a variety of games that their audience loves to watch. There are many people in Live Streaming who superchat their favourite YouTuber to show their chat well.

The option of YouTube live Super Chat is shown in the live stream below, on which viewers superchat that YouTuber by given YouTube Super Chat payment methods. When you have 1000 Subscribers on your gaming channel, then you get the feature of SuperChat, after which you can also earn money by playing games during Live Stream. Some YouTubers easily generate 30k-50k in single live stream. So if you did not yet know how to make money from SuperChat, then I hope that you have now clear about how much do YouTubers get from superchat.

How to enable Super Chat on YouTube

Go to your YouTube studio dashboard

Then Go to monetization section

There you will find ‘Supers’ option on the top head section

Click on it and enable both superchat & super sticker option. That’s it.


Affiliate Marketing is also a free way to make money from the Internet and with YouTube Gaming you can earn more than Google AdSense by joining affiliate programs. But many of you not know about affiliate marketing, so let me explain you with an example, what is affiliate marketing? Friends, you must have known companies like Amazon, Flipkart etc. All these companies run Affiliate Partner Program, after joining, anyone can start affiliate marketing for free.

After joining it, you just have to share the product link of these Affiliate marketing companies, if a person clicks on that link and orders any goods, then the companies give you commission for that. Example: If you made a great video about PlayStation in which you are telling the features of PlayStation, all you have to do is to pick up the link of PlayStation from Amazon or Flipkart and put in your video description box and at the end just say to your audience that if you want to buy this PlayStation, then I have given the link in the description of this video, you can buy it from here. After that if your viewers buy that product through your given link then you will get commission for it. And now YouTube has also introduced product share feature for creators, which has made it very easy and direct to do affiliate marketing.


Sponsorship: It has become very common to earn from sponsorship on YouTube. Many creators on YouTube get sponsorship easily. All the big or startups ideas companies are willing to make their business grow and a company grows only when its products sell a lot, so many companies take help of social media creators to promote their product. If you also have a YouTube channel, then you too can easily earn money by promoting a product of a company / brand, because companies are ready to pay a lot of money to YouTubers for brand promotion.


Merchandise: When you become famous on YouTube, then your fan following increases automatically and your popularity can help you to launch your merchandise business on YouTube. Merchandise means that you make T-Shirt, Hoodies, etc. of your brand name and list it for sell on YouTube, which will be purchased immediately by your YouTube Audience. Example: you must know Bhuvan Bam very well, He make comedy videos on YouTube, which his Subscribers love to watch. Then Bhuvan Bam started his YouTube channel Merchandise under his brand name BB Ki Vines and after that he started selling things like T-Shirt, Hoodies, Cap etc. on it, which increased his earnings more on YouTube. If you also have a good number of Subscribers on YouTube and you feel that your fan following has also increased, then you should also start your merchandise.


Membership: Friends, when you watch any video on youtube, at that time you see the ‘Join’ option beside of Subscribe button, this feature is available to the creators with more than 10000 subscribers. By pressing the Join Button, anyone can become a member of your channel and for this membership, they have to pay a few rupees every month, but friends, the point is that why would anyone take your membership without any reason? So let us tell you that when a person took membership to any channel, then the creator of that channel has to do something special for his members such as making a special video for the member every month or live streaming for special members. Etc. If you also have more than 10000 subscribers on your channel, then enable it, so that the Join option will also appear on your channel and you can also take advantage of this feature.


Refer and earn: YouTubers nowadays promote several apps and put the referral link of that app in the description of their video. When someone downloads that app from your referral link, you will get a referral bonus which you can redeem in your bank account.

YouTubers use refer and earn apps in India for making extra income from YouTube and if your channel is in Gaming category then you can refer any gaming App to your channel.


Applaud: A feature of applaud is also available on YouTube which is visible to viewers just below the video. When a subscriber or viewer likes your video very much, then he may donate money to you through Applaud. Make mind blowing content for your viewers, then they will definitely donate you some money through applaud.


You have read above all the methods of earning but this will be possible only when you have genuine audience on your YouTube channel, so I would advise you to make videos with hard work. People may have initially do not watch your video, but as you continue to put regular videos, there will a time come when one of your videos will go viral and then you too will become a successful YouTube creator and will be able to earn a lot of money from YouTube.

Tips for how to grow a YouTube gaming channel fast

  • Upload gaming videos regularly.
  • Make a good thumbnail for your videos.
  • Do fantastic voiceover in your videos like comedy, humour.
  • Use YouTube Shorts feature for initial growth
  • Do Maximum Live stream to connect with your audience. It helps you to improve your channel engagement.


Friends, You have no idea how much you can earn from YouTube gaming and I fully recommend to all game lovers that you should make your own career in gaming. Playing video games can be your passion, which is a good thing, but earning money with your passion is a big thing. YouTube is the best way for earn money, today most people search how to earn money from home without any investment. So don’t delay and start your own YouTube channel today and be self-reliant, friends. Now I hope you have come to know how to make a YouTube Channel on Gaming category & how to earn money by uploading videos on YouTube (Gaming Videos).


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