How to Make Money on Quora ? Best Way to Earn Money Online Without investment from Quora


Friends, nowadays there are many websites available in the internet from where people get knowledge and there are some websites that give you the opportunity to earn money online along with knowledge. As you know many people have lost their jobs due to lockdown and they daily search how to earn money from home so that their livelihood can go on.


So today we will learn about one such website in this blog called Quora and learn what is the best way to make money? - Quora which will double your earnings. So let's we first know what is Quora?

Best websites to earn money Quora

What is Quora


Quora is a questioning & answering website where there are more than 350 Million active audience who answer each other's questions and solve their queries.


If you want to ask or know anything in the internet, you can take help of Quora as it is a big platform where many people are ready to help you.


But friends Quora also gives you the opportunity to earn money sitting at home with knowledge. If you also want to know how to earn money sitting at home without investment, then you have come to the right place because in this blog we are going to give you A-Z information how much can you earn from Quora.?


To earn on Quora, it is most important that you should have an account on Quora, so first of all we know how to create quora account.


How to create account on quora


·         To create a Quora account, you must have to download the Quora app from Google Playstore or you can go directly to Quora's website

·         After going there you will get the Quora sign up with Gmail. As soon as you click on signup, you will be asked your name, email address and new password there.

·         After filling all this, just click on the sign up above.

·         Then after a confirmation mail sent to your email id from Quora to verify your account and that’s it.


Another advantage of working on Quora is that you can use it in two languages i.e. English and Hindi, these two languages ​​are present on this platform, you can start working with any language in which you are comfortable and if you are perfect in both languages, then you can work on both of them simultaneously.


We got to know how to create an account on Quora, but now we know how to make money online quora, after which you can start make money online by doing it as a part time job.


How to Make Money from Quora


Quora partner program: People on Quora do not come to help others freely, they get some benefit from it, so they spend their precious time on Quora to help others.


Friends, when you work continuously on Quora, in view of your hard work, Quora invite you to join their partner program, after joining it, when you will ask any question on Quora platform, if more people will answer on your asked question then Quora gives you money for that traffic engagement.


Friends, when a question becomes more popular, many people come to the post to answer it, due to which the traffic engagement increases, Quora runs some advertisements on the post through which Quora earns and because of your post that money is earned that’s why Quora also gives you percentage of the money earned from it.


So friends, I hope you have come to know very well what is quora partner program? And how to earn from Quora Partner Program?



Quora Space: Quora space is a kind of page on which you can put your content, if people will read the content of your page, according to that Quora gives you money. The special thing about Quora space is that you can create space in any language i.e. English or Hindi.


How to create page on Quora (Space)

  • Just like when you login on Quora, you will see the option of space below, you have to click on it.
  • After that you will see a button to create space, just click there.
  • Then you have to give a name for your space and write a short description about it.
  • Now you will come to invite people from your contacts, you can skip it if you want. Then your space will be successfully created.


Now the dashboard of Quora space will be open in front, you can put your content there and can also track your Quora space earnings as well.

To start earning, you have to click on the earning tab and then click on ‘get started’, after that tap on ‘continue’ by entering the name of your country. After that you will know that you are eligible to earn or not, if you are eligible, then after keep posting your content regularly on the space and keep make money from Quora App.


How to post on Quora space?: When you go to your Space then there will be a option ‘Add your first piece of content’ just tap on it then a ‘create post’ button will appear click in it and start posting your content.


How to withdraw money from Quora?: When you complete $10 threshold in Quora Space partner program then Quora Team Automatically send your earned money to your given bank account.


How to delete a Space in Quora?: Go to your Space and then click on ‘setting’ below.  After that a page appear just scroll down here you find ‘Delete Space’ option. If you really want to delete your space then click on it.


So now you cleared about your queries i.e. How can I create space in Quora and how to earn money from Quora space?


Different ways to earn money online from Quora

Website traffic: With the help of Quora you can bring a lot of traffic to your website and you will know how people are making money by creating websites and monetizing it with Google AdSense.

Friends, if you do not know what is Google AdSense and how to earn money with Google AdSense, then don’t worry I will let you know it.


Google AdSense is a service of google which shows advertisements on the websites for generating money and google generating money through other’s websites that’s why it gives some percentage of the revenue earned from that advertisement to the owner of that website. In such a situation, if you also have a website, then you can also earn money from your website by bringing traffic with the help of Quora.


Affiliate Marketing: People are making money by selling affiliate products on Quora. Example: - Quora is a question & answering website where many people come to ask questions. Suppose someone puts a question on Quora that which is the best smartphone under 10000 and if you know it, then you answer that question and post it by sharing a link of that product from Amazon or Flipkart, if people come to read that post and any of them buy that product from your shared link then you will get commission by Amazon.


You will not get money only by picking up direct link and share it from Amazon or Flipkart. For earning, you have to join the partner program of these companies, after that you can earn money by sharing the product with its affiliate account.


E-book course: E-book is a kind of digital course from which you can earn money by selling it. If you want to convert any of your knowledge into an ebook and sell it on Quora, you can do it easily. Write the e-book very well and keep the right price so that people can buy your ebook.


The link sharing feature on Quora is the best way to earn money and if you are not yet taking advantage of this feature then hurry up, so that you too can increase your earnings.

Avoid These Things on quora

1.      Many people on Quora start sharing their content or links in their posts which Quora considers spam and then suspend Quora account of those people. So do not share link in your every posts.


2.      You have to keep in mind that if you ask more irrelevant questions that will not give any value, then Quora will remove you from its partner program. Quora is a very big website and wants to provide more valuable content on its platform so that more and more people can use Quora.


Nowadays people want to earn money online and Quora is giving them a chance that they can earn money sitting at home. If you live in a village and want to know how to earn money online quickly or how to earn money from village, then it would be right for you to create a account on Quora and start working on it from today.


Also many students asked me that how to earn money during lockdown for students in India because they also want to earn money in lockdown. So that’s why I write this informative blog for you and I hope you all know How to monetize quora or How to make money asking questions on Quora

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