How to Make Money from Meesho App? Best Online Reselling App in India

What is Meesho App ?

Meesho is an online reselling app with the help of which you can earn money sitting at home. This is a kind of online shop where many products are already listed through which you can directly sell it online and make money.

Friends, today many people have lost their jobs due to the lockdown and nowadays everyone is looking for a way to earn money online without any investment , in such a situation, Meesho is giving you this opportunity that you can remove yourself from financial crisis.

The special thing about Meesho is that anyone can do this work, whether that is a man or a woman, they can earn 25 to 30 thousand a month sitting at home easily, if you also want to give financial strength to yourself then you should start using meesho.

Friends, there is a doubt in many people's mind, is it safe to use Meesho App? then the answer is that Meesho is 100% safe and this is the easiest way to earn money from mobile. If you also want to earn a lot from meesho then read this blog completely, so let's first know how to create account in meesho?

How to register in Meesho App?

  • First of all you have to download Meesho App by clicking on this link

  • As soon as you open it, then you will asked to register in it. After that a homepage will open in front of you. 

  • The option of 'Account' will appear in the bottom right side, you have to click there, then you will see a sign-up button above. 

  • As soon as you click on the Sign-up button, then you just have to enter your mobile number and click on send OTP. 

After which OTP will come from meesho on that mobile number and it will be auto-detected and then your account registration will be done.

There are many items in Meesho from that you can earn money by selling online. When you open Meesho App, you will see many Meesho products list. If you want to sell a dress, then its price already written below, you have to just click on 'Add to cart'. Then it will ask you its size and how much quantity to take then it will also ask you to click on checkout after giving all these details. An option of Select payment method will come, out of which you can pay online by debit or credit card, UPI and you can also do cash on delivery.

After selecting any payment method, you can proceed. Now the page will come where you have to book your profit. This page will be named as 'set customer price', where you have to enter the final customer price. If the price of the product is 250 and you put 350 price in the final customer price, then your profit margin will be Rs 100. Just after that you have to proceed and fill the address and place order in the next step. But friends, where will you get customers to buy your goods, this is a big problem because without a customer the goods cannot be sold, so friends, we will also tell you about such platforms where you will be able to easily sell meesho's products and how to sell products online in India.

5 Ways to earn money Online from Meesho?

Facebook Marketplace: You can use Facebook Marketplace for Meesho. There is a marketplace option on Facebook, with the help of which many people sell their products. To use Marketplace, you must have to go first in your Facebook app. After going there, you will see 3-line above, you have to click on it. Then you will see the option of marketplace below, as soon as you click on it, you will get the option of Sell and Categories as well as the option of profile. To sell Meesho's goods on Facebook, you have to click on Sell. On clicking upon Sell option, 'Create New Listing' will open in front of you, in which the options of Items, Vehicles, Properties for sale or rent and Jobs will be available. For selling Meesho's products you just click on Items.

Then you have to put the photo of the product you want to sell and also give Title, Price, Category, Condition, Location, Description,Tags, Availability, Offer delivery about that goods. After filling all these details click on next and after that your stuff will be visible to people on Facebook and if they feels like taking that stuff then they will contact you through messenger. 

Note: Join many shopping groups on Facebook so that you can also share your meesho's products there.

Olx: Olx is a buying & selling platform where you can sell your Meesho's goods. Although there is a lot of fraudsters on Olx, but you will also find genuine customers here. To get the order, you have to give a photo of your item and some important details along with it so that people get an idea about your item.

WhatsApp Business: WhatsApp is a very good option where you can build your community, which will make it easier for you to sell goods regularly. Whenever you sell goods to a person for the first time, take him/her WhatsApp number. So that whenever that person needs some goods in future, he can contact you directly through WhatsApp, due to which your selling will increase automatically.

Refer & Earn: Meesho's refer & earn program is very good. With the help of Meesho's referral program, you get 25% commission on the first three orders from your referral. Whenever you refer someone to download Meesho App, then remember that you just refer the App to such people who are interested in reselling work because such people will help you to generate 10 times more earning.

Whenever you will refer Meesho App to a new people, then help them to get order in the beginning so that they works on Meesho for a long time, otherwise they will leave Meesho if they can't get any order in the beginning. Tell the benefits of Meesho to the people who are connected through your referral link i.e. they will get a discount from Meesho if they make the first order for themselves after joining your link.

Social Media: Friends, not only this, if you want, you can also sell your Meesho's products on other social media like Instagram, but for this you will need a good number of followers. If you have more followers on Instagram then you can easily earn 20 to 30 thousand a month. You can give Meesho's product link in your Instagram story or bio from where people can click on it to buy your product. 

Meesho is India's online business platform which is used by many people, if you also want to earn money by working from home, then download Meesho App today and start earn money online. So friends, I hope that now you have come to know what is the best way to start selling online? and if you have any queries regarding Meesho then ask me in the comment section.

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